Monday, October 27, 2008

cassi & david!

They may not realize it, but there are several things I need to thank Cassi and David for. I'm completely grateful for things such as: the fact that they trusted me to photograph their wedding, that they are such absolutely lovely people, and for getting married at Fernbank!

I was excited about this day on so many levels. Cassi's sister Carribeth has been a good friend of mine for many years now, and I know what a fantastic family she has. I think the last time I saw Cassi before the wedding, she was only about 14 years old! It's amazing I'm not already wearing dentures and orthopedic shoes. Anyway, it was so cool to see Cassi marry her long-time sweetheart, David.

I was thrilled that the wedding was held at Fernbank Museum. I love that place! Weddings held there satisfy both the right and left side of my brain....the scientist and the romantic artist. Hooray! It really was beautiful, and I couldn't have asked for a more charming couple than Cassi and David.

Cassi is just downright stunning.

David is one handsome fella. At one point before the ceremony, Cassi was giggling about how cute David is. Is that adorable or what?

The next pic finally proves that Nate is not just a carbon copy of his dad, Brian. This expression on his face is 100% Carribeth. Yay!

These ladies have a lot on their minds.

The only thing cooler than dudes in a wedding wearing classic Chucks is dudes in a wedding wearing classic Chucks with purple argyle socks! Aw yeah! Man, I wish I could have worn mine!

There is one bridesmaid missing in the next photo. Amber was scheduled to be in the wedding party, but decided to give birth that morning instead. Woo hoo! I hope someone saved her some cake!

If every woman watched "America's Next Top Model" like Cassi and I do, then everyone could learn to "smile with their eyes" like Cassi is demonstrating expertly here. Tyra would be so proud.

Here's Cassi and her dad, trying not to get choked up right before walking down the aisle.

I have yet another reason for having a blast at this wedding. I've been mentoring a lovely lady named Christa Paulston Lovato, and she came along to snap some wedding pics for the first time. She did an awesome job, and here is one of her super shots! Thanks, Christa! She's working on setting up her website/blog, and I'll be sure to post the link when it's ready so you can check out her work.

David and Cassi did one of the coolest things I've ever seen during a ceremony. They played rock-paper-scissors to determine who got to put the ring on first. Cassi won the best 2 out of 3 with this rock.

I just realized that in the next image, you can see the shadow of the giant dinosaur bones. I love happy accidents!

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it a million more....I adore couples who have a sense of humor! Of course, I don't know how they managed to pose for a funny pic, AND look this hot. It's really not fair.

So many thanks to Cassi, David, and all the sweet folks who made this evening truly unforgettable!

To see a slideshow of more images from this wonderful wedding, please click HERE

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