Monday, January 12, 2009


I've been working on some new packaging and photo goodies lately. Presentation is important, which is why I will not be handing my clients items in a Target bag, or wrapped in aluminum foil (my family has received gifts from me this way). So here's a pic of some of the doo-dads I've put together recently. Against my better judgment, I have not used any pipe cleaners or sequins to embellish them. I guess I'm officially an adult.


heighlo. said...

gorgeous. but i bet the foil was cool.

Courtney said...

Love love love that packaging! Though, as a big fan of pipe cleaner and sequin related doo-dads, I have to vote for resisting the urge to grow up altogether!

maryk said...

looks like it's time for you guys to come back over for some scrapbooking! ...and some grass-fed short ribs?