Wednesday, January 14, 2009

peace, pics, and pancakes!

Matt and I just got back from a wonderful, relaxing trip to visit his mom. We talked, hiked, watched movies, and ate pancakes. 100% aaaaahhhh. We were so spoiled that when we returned, I woke up the next morning wondering why I couldn't smell bacon and coffee. WHY??? I nearly ran to the car in my jammies to drive back to Florida.

I also love that whenever I hang out with Matt and Susie, usually all three of us are snapping photos. I'm sure we look like some sort of gadget cult.

I typically don't use this blog to voice political opinions. However, I'm happy to post a montage of Susie's Obama support. It was all over her house. Have I mentioned how cool she is?

There's a large screen above the pool area, and it had the coolest water droplets on it after we had some rain.

I have to be pretty sneaky to get a photo of Susie. I love this shot of her because she's a very independent lady who can fix nearly anything. Here, she's redoing a stove gasket. See what I mean? Also, I dig the effect of her flashlight. It's not a star filter, it just happened to look that way when I took the shot.

We went to Bear Creek State Park for a chilly, but awesome hike. I've never seen so many lily pads!

My photos almost always have people in them. Portrait photography is what I'm naturally drawn to. Sometimes it's good to push myself out of the ole comfort zone and try something a little different. We decided to take a stroll around downtown Quincy, and shoot some pics. So here's a little sampling of what caught my eye...


Courtney said...

That looks and sounds like an amazing trip! The photo of the rain on the screen is so cool!

mOmY said...

Why thankee sweetie!