Wednesday, January 21, 2009

daddy's little shutterbug

Today, my dad was teaching a Master Technician class and wanted me to come by to snap a group photo. I hope I didn't embarrass him by shouting "DAD!" several times in front of the fellas. I'm sure it would have been worse if I had tried to call him Mr. Bode and broke into fits of raging giggles. There probably would have been snorting too.

After the photo, I got to listen to a few minutes of my dad's instruction. The next time I talk to him, I'm going to work "the importance of CFUs when selecting a compressor" into the conversation. He'll be all like, "WHAAAAA???" and "my daughter's a freakin' genius".

One small disclaimer. I did not suggest the high school football pose below. That was dad's doing. I'd have put them into a pyramid.

Dad Bode is the second from left, bottom row. Hi Dad!

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