Sunday, January 13, 2008


I have a bad case of scent schizophrenia. I realized this when trying to organize my dresser today. I don't often spray this stuff on me, but when I do, I need choices. I'm most joyfully affected by the smells of freshly-brewed coffee, bacon, and epoxy, but these would probably not be appreciated or understood by people with whom I might occupy an elevator. So, until society becomes more open-minded about how women smell, look, or breast-feed their babies, here's my acceptable selection.

Gardenia oil - Wore it on my wedding day...made everyone think the silk ones in my hair were real.

MISO Pretty - Looove the name and the smell, but wished the scent lasted longer than 5 minutes. A few months ago, I asked my stylist to cut my hair like the cartoon girl on the bottle. He did.

Angel - Love it. Can't afford it.

Chance - Definitely at the top. Smells like men's cologne, which I dig.

Escape (strategically hidden behind the MISO Pretty) - Used to wear until Matt told me it was his favorite.....because his first love wore it. Can't wear it out of principle alone.

The round disc thingy - a yummy "solid" scent purchased from one of Nikki's Pleasure Parties. Supposedly, it has pheromones in it. Of course, it doesn't say HUMAN pheromones. Hmmm.

Anybody have a "signature" scent? I'm fascinated by women who have that decision made. I can't even settle on a toothpaste brand.


Rural Writer said...

Thats hilarious!

maryk said...

i have the banana replublic W and the Pheromone one!

also have Aqua di Gio.

i probably use the pheromone one most.
i LOVE the Dirty Girl Stuff, Anne Towns once gave me some body wash that smelled AWESOME.
other than that, i use an AVEDA scent that i got free for my birthday from aveda.

heighlo. said...

I have allergies and while that doesn't prohibit me from wearing the smells - somehow it just means I have to choose the smells wisely and buy the good stuff - which just means $$$. I started wearing an rose oil that i buy for $10 at Sevanda/Whole Foods. Men go crazy for it and girls like it too. I LOVE wearing men's colognes and wore paul sebastian for YEARS in the late 80's and 90's - i discovered it as my guy friend who was my roommate wore it. The same guy turned me onto Issey Miake but I actually wear the girl's version. And actually what i have a problem with allergy wise is the contact to my skin so again the rose oil seems to work really well. You should try mixing all of those together and see what happens.

Momy said...

I love Tujours moi in the winter; it's been so long since I wore it I am probably spelling it wrong.
My second favorite is Bounce. Outdoor Fresh.

ablebody said...

i haven't worn deodorant since 1991.

on the plus side, i own two colognes:
polo safari i've applied liberally since 1991.
& something named animale, which i wore on my first date with bo-d. yeah, i kissed her on the first date. if you saw her you'd know why.

Oh, that's so Trikki! said...

I too have the pheromone solid and my all time fav which I can't seem to find anymore is Jil Sander's Jil. Since all the pregnancies and breastfeeding, I don't wear perfume anymore 'cept on real special our 5th anniv when Jed attacked me in the back of our new minivan. Haven't worn Jil since. My fav on Jed is Organic Hemp lotion that I get him through Daisy Blue. That stuff makes me oh so fucking hot for him. Maybe I was the one who attacked him that night in the minivan.