Sunday, January 27, 2008

said i loved shoes but i lied

If anybody gets the Michael Bolton reference in the title, good for you. BAAAAAD for me. I'm one of those people that would prefer to NEVER have a shoe or sock touching my feet. Two things continue to thwart my dream of a barefoot existence: one is that I can't even enter a Waffle House without protecting their pristine floors from my nasty feet, two is that I'm generally freezing whenever it's below 80 degrees. Since I'm forced into donning footwear, I figure I may as well make the best of it and give myself plenty of options to ease the pain of conformity.

I'm embarrassed to admit how many more photos I could have added to this layout. My husband likes to take new guests to our home on what we call "the tour of shoes". It's important that I point out that most of my shoes had a price tag of less than $10. It's not about the destination (more shoes), it's about the journey (finding a good deal).

If anyone guesses which pair is my favorite, you get a beer and the promise that I will never mention Michael Bolton in your presence again.

1. These are by Kenzie, who makes very funky styles
2. Sparkly, gray velvet, 8 bucks, nuff said
3. I've had guys I work with request that I wear these every Thursday. Is there
something I don't know about Thursdays? This reminds me of when I was the
only one in middle school who didn't know what green m&ms implied.
4. Found these at a vintage store. Man, they used to know how to make stilettos
that are actually comfortable. I can sprint in these.
5. Fuschia t-straps, c'mon!
6. These are by Guess and have hearts all over them. Sassy!
7. Um, these are just naughty. Sick, twisted, naughty shoes! Bad shoes!
8. These are by Nine West, and somehow fit perfectly despite being a size 6.
9. Click your heels 3 times and repeat, "there's no place like Scotland"...


heighlo. said...

i am thinking of having foot reduction surgery so that I can wear your composite card! Fabulous pics and LOVE that composite. You totally need to send those out - so you. Welcome to self - employment! We must get pancakes in the middle of the day SOON!

Anonymous said...

i think the naughty red satin ones are your favorite. huh? huh?


stacey said...

good guess, but nope. there is now a 1 in 8 chance of earning a beer and Bolton-free conversation over said beer.

maryk said...

sparkly velvet!

maryk said...

p.s. i think that this would sell very well as a photo. people buying for themselves, but moreso, a gift item for someone who loves shoes.

stacey said...

another fine guess, but it's not the gray fuzzy ones either. 1 in 7 chance of beer!!!

hmm...i may have to get some prints of this made and sell them so i can afford to continue feeding my cats. you guys are smart!

Tommy said...

Since I was able to guess your foot size without ever having seen your feet, I feel quite qualified to guess here. So, I'm gonna guess the stilettos since they fly in the face of what a sadistic shoe should feel like. But, if you like going barefoot, I would think an open-toed shoe would be more favorable, so I likely just blew my only guess. Thus, you're welcome to bring Michael Bolton up often around me. Just not "Time, Love, and Tenderness". Too many memories...

And we should talk Springsteen...when Mary isn't around!

I've actually got a foot fetish - I'm not taking yoga for the exercise - just the cheap thrill...

ablebody said...

i woulda guessed the stilettos too, since i've seen you wear them many times.
no beer for me.
if you can guess who this quote is from, i'll buy you a bottle of 2 buck chuck:
"Let marrow bone and cleaver choose
While making feet for children shoes"

Tommy said...

That's Tom Waits..."Singapore".

You can't fool me on Tom Waits lyrics. I live by them. "Rain Dogs" is, in fact, my fave TW album.

But I don't drink beer. :-(

And Stace hasn't ruled out the stilettos yet - still waiting for her to weigh in with her latest pronouncement.

She's probably out on 9th and Hennepin...

Vicki said...

well mine would be the very first pair. they are way cute. but had to laugh because i HATE and mean i HATE shoes. but i don't ever buy them because I hate them so much. my obsession is thongs... now those I can not ever seem to get enough of.

Oh, that's so Trikki! said...

I'm guessing the Nine West pair. No real reason, except very classic. Or maybe cuz I like 'em best, too.

stacey said...

nikki wins! those are my favs 'cause they are SO comfy and go with everything!!! nikki, i owe you a beer...if you can manage to not be pregnant for more than 5 minutes!