Tuesday, January 22, 2008

#37 - Done!

#37 - Design new business & comp cards

Here they are. These will be for general purposes, and I may still design some more that are specific to weddings, child/family, etc. Blog, website, and phone will be on the back.

I decided to go with these layouts instead of my first choice, which was to print the text "If you would like to pay me to take some swell photos of important stuff in your life, that would be so completely cool". Sadly, all the fancy fonts and complete lack of images just seemed, um, disturbing. I think these will do just fine.


Smoov said...

Are these business card sized? I likey very much!!!!!

stacey said...

yo, smoov! i designed them to be 4x6 cards, but i might get some small biz card sized ones too. i need to be better about always having some cards on me when folks ask for 'em!

Anonymous said...

they look fabulous...love them