Tuesday, January 15, 2008

mission accomplished

Wanted to turn some thrift stores upside-down to find cool old books....for interesting card-making pictures, for nostalgia, for random inspiration, etc. Value Village had one or two clothing finds, but a disappointing selection of books. The blouse I got there is great though....I still don't know what the heck the thingy on the collar is, but it makes me look like a nerdy flight attendant....meow.

We eventually found the motherload of books at a pleasant, unassuming store called "Stepping Out for Christ". SO many wacky old reference materials. Love it! Also, I'm obsessed with what the friendly cashier said to me when paying for my items via credit card. He asked, "May I bless this day by checking your photo ID?". I now expect every retail facility to extend this level of awesomeness when making sure I'm not ripping them off.

Every recipe in the cookbook is a culinary nightmare. All dishes involve wrapping something in ham that should NEVER be wrapped in ham.

I will be making lots of homemade cards by cutting pics from the Dick and Jane book. Don't worry, it's not a first edition or anything.

I have to keep checking the art book with the giant doll face to make sure it doesn't start blinking...or stealing my soul.

"The Monster at the End of this Book" is in my top 5 kiddos books along with "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish", "The Giving Tree", "Where the Sidewalk Ends", and everything by Edward Gorey (probably NOT appropriate for kiddos). If Matt and I ever have a kiddo, and it's of the male variety, it will probably have to endure life in an unforgiving society with the name Super Grover Stanton. Sorry in advance, kiddo. Please don't kill us in our sleep.


Widdi said...

I'm going to change my myspace quote to "May I bless this day by checking your photo ID?" No one will believe I'm NOT the first person to say that sentence!

Momy said...

I just want to live your life sooooo bad!

ablebody said...

can't wait to eat a bacon big boy for dinner tonight!

btw, also found a good kiddo name in that cookbook: mint patty alaska.

and i think that recipe also calls for ham!!!