Monday, January 14, 2008

no photos of "nothing"

Office visit - $20
Transportation - $3.07
Hearing "the doctor will be in shortly to look at your nothing" - priceless

About 3 months ago, I developed a new little friend on my sternum that wasn't a pimple, a blister, a mole, or a bug bite. Even though this invader was small (about 3mm diameter), it was new, different, mysterious, and my first instinct when faced with these characteristics is destruction. However, I knew that my little companion would not respond well to popping, poking, burning, cutting, or listening to reason.

As a Taurus, I not only understand, but appreciate the ways of the stubborn, but only when it comes from ME. I started to get freaked out since my Dad recently had some cancer de skin removed from his torso. Thankfully, he's okey dokey. Also, I spent much of my childhood glowing an electric shade of hot pink.

So, today I went to have it checked out by a professional, since I've already pulled my shirt down to show every friend, family member, and gas station patron to ask "does this look weird?". Everyone at the doctor's office was super nice as they squinted at my nothing and then smiled at me like a mom who's child just had a nightmare about being attacked by gummy bears. It could happen.

I'm really glad I got my nothing checked out, and possibly brought some amusement to an office full of germs and waiting. Perhaps I've seen too many movies. To me, The Nothing (a la The Neverending Story) is a horrible, all-encompasing movement of darkness that if not stopped, will turn your world into a hellish abyss where there are no more fluffy white dragons that fly. Not something to mess with. Fluffy dragons - 1 point....The Nothing - nada.


heighlo. said...

I am a taurus too!

stacey said...

it all makes sense now.