Sunday, January 6, 2008

adorable rachel

This is a really sweet gal named Rachel. She wanted some fun portraits taken...definitely something she could pass along to family members. How cool is that? We giggled and shot photos around her home, at Chastain Park, and even at a Starbucks. As you can see here, Rachel has such a natural, pretty smile and her eyes are so engaging! If there was an Atlanta version of "Sex and the City", she would definitely be one of the four, spunky friends! Thanks Rachel for such an enjoyable afternoon!

There was the cutest little girl on the swing next to her. She was looking at us like we had lost our monkey minds. It was humbling to be scrutinized by a toddler, but we got some great shots!

Ah, a girl and her tree.

Here's that incredible smile I mentioned.

Here you can see the different colors in Rachel's eyes. One has slightly more brown tones and one, more green. So cool. Yay genetics!

If I thought it would fit, I would totally have stolen this orange dress. Love it!

I may have to post some more shots when I get to the "Mary Tyler Moore" shots. Too much fun! I still can't get that song out of my head!

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