Thursday, August 7, 2008

#49 - done!

#49 - "Take better care of my raggedy fingernails"

Fingernails have always been a source of stress for me. When I was growing up, I bit them constantly. Apparently, I was already trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders in kindergarten, and the only way to deal with the burden was by gnawing on the closest chewable objects. I also was a fan of munching on pens, erasers, candle wax, and even my own hair.

Once, when I was a teenager, I let my nails grow for a month...only because my Dad bribed me with 50 bucks. When you're too young to have a job, money is a powerful bargaining tool. Since Dad didn't want to continue to pay for nail upkeep, they went right back to looking horrible and being hidden in my pockets most of the time.

They haven't been as bad in my adult life. I went from "stress chewing" to just not taking time do anything other than rip them off when they break. However, over the last month or so, they've become miraculously normal.

I now realize that a "before" photo might have been helpful here. I also realize that it's not easy taking a photo of your own hand with a 50-pound camera. To give you a sense of the previous condition of my nails, I can tell you that my nail file was used only as a letter opener, clear polish was strictly for hosiery repair, and my chosen method of trimming may as well have been sticking my hands into a tank of rabid piranha.

So, here's the "after"...

Now on to slightly more significant goals...


Tommy said...

Lovely, Stacey. For a 'before' picture, I just tried to picture Wilford Brimley's hand. That made the 'after' all the more pretty.

stacey said...

tommy, you're on the right track! as a "before" pic, i was going to take a shot of my dad's fingers, which have been torn up by years of hard work and one particularly feisty table saw. cross that image with wilford brimley, and that's my "before".

Anonymous said...


JOSH! SYTYCD! ayeoooga!

(also, you've very pretty hands)
had such fun chatting with you the other night. for reals, let's salsa.

stacey said...

kathleen - wasn't that the best finale ever??!! both mary and nigel dancing! and i luvs me some joshua. IV REAL!

i had a blast chatting with you too. there will definitely be salsa dancing in our future. we shall ride the hot tamale train!

maryk said...

is that the same as the hot placentamale train?