Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When taking Andrea's headshots, I probably could have handed my camera to a monkey, and his shots would have been just as good. This is not self-deprecation, but rather a comment on how easy she is to photograph. She was fun, relaxed, and knows how to pose her stunning face. A gorgeous face only gets you so far in a photo unless you know what to do with it...and she does. She's planning a move to LA soon, and I'm sure she'll book tons of work.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Andrea's lovely mom, June, and got to work with a new makeup artist, Angelina Pennington. Between Angelina's artistry and June's genetic gifts to Andrea, I barely had to do any of the usual facial touch-ups on these images. I mean practically none.

Thanks to the three of you for a fantastic session, and best of luck to Andrea with her big move to the West coast!

Now, y'all know how I love to figure out which movie stars and/or singers people look like. I'd have to go with a cross between Alicia Keys and Rosario Dawson...both major beauties like Andrea.

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