Monday, August 11, 2008

the social commentary of matt

It's always been obvious that my husband and I capture different types of photos. While mine tend to hang out in Sentimental Town, his prefer to do a drive-by in Ironyville.

I felt it was time to post some recent Matt Gems. He took these while being my wedding second shooter. I wouldn't call them "outtakes" since that implies a mistake, and these fill me with far too much joy to be mistakes.

This first one combines two of my favorite things: a dash of current affairs, and adorable farm animals. To my dear friends in LA...yes, I know you eat, and yet you STILL look fabulous. However, when I find myself in the City of Angels, I feel less angelic and more like a fat cherub next to the women I refer to as "popsicle sticks with boobs".

Not everyone would appreciate this as a wedding photo, but I challenge you to find a more honest statement about marriage.

Let's hear it for Matt, and the freakishly wonderful way his mind works.

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