Sunday, August 24, 2008

sheila's bridal session

The other day, I met Sheila for a morning portrait session on her parents' property. The area was absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for the type of images that Sheila wanted. As inspiration, she sent me a cool photo of Stevie Nicks (from back in the day). In 1983-ish, when the video for "Gypsy" came out, I wanted to BE Stevie Nicks. There's a part in the video where she's wearing a black dress with a black hat that has a veil. She's also sporting red lipstick. Well, I tried to re-create this look that Halloween, thinking I was pretty grown-up and awesome. The mothers handing out candy at their houses kept asking if I was a "lady of the evening". Not knowing what that meant, I replied "yes", since it sounded sophisticated. When I got home and relayed this to my mom, who told me the actual meaning, I cried for about an hour.

Since that Stevie Nicks dream fell more than flat, I'm glad that Sheila allowed me to play with a much more fantastic version than my original attempt all those years ago. She looked great in her wedding gown, and was very ethereal in the woodsy setting.

What I love about this next one is that Sheila looks like a little bird perched on a cliff. I have a thing for birds...and now I have a thing for birds on cliffs!

She had her adorable flower girls, Sarah and Lauren, join us for the shoot.

At one point, the wind really picked up, which worked well with Sheila's flowy dress and flowy hair.

Here she is, adding to the beauty of the forest...

Thanks so much, Sheila! I'm glad I got to see you and your lovely family again!


Brian said...

Very nice series of photos. Well done. I think you captured the effect and mood you were searching for. Did she love the photos?

Stephanie said...

Stacey those are really lovely. There is a "fairytale" quality in them, definitely.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful job! Sheila looks like Queen Mab, queen of the woodland fairies! And those little girls look adorable.
Your bride-to-be picked a great setting and a gorgeous dress! BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

stevie nicks!! i love it.