Sunday, August 17, 2008

out of the office

We're on a quick trip, chillin' on the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of sun, sand, eating, sleeping, and watching some of the worst movies ever created. I'm not kidding. We watched one last night about Big Foot that's so bad, it has two titles to distract folks from how truly horrible it is. It's called "The Unknown" AND "Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch". To create the monster, it looked like they took one of the leftover masks from "Leprechaun" and stuck it on a tall dude. Lame!

Oh, right. So, we're at the beach. Yay! I'll post some quick photos, and then I'm heading down to the water for a swim.

This first pic was taken in Susie's garden, where lots of cool treasures reside. There's also a large, ceramic rooster locked in an embrace with a Jean Luc Picard doll. Yes, I do have the coolest mother-in-law.


Here's Mary, Matt, and The Momy hangin in the breezeway.


This is one of the many gorgeous wind chimes that Susie has made.


The owls are not what they seem...


This was taken at a gas station, where it's impossible to "think thin" among the acres of Snickers bars and bags of Cheetos.





I'm really glad that Mary "let" me take this picture of her.


All these next photos were taken in complete darkness without flash. Any light is just from the moon and a fire that some people had built nearby. This shot was taken by Dan. Matt is about to break into a loud rendition of a Rush song. I love Rush about as much as I love the mosquitoes that have been biting me in places that are inappropriate to scratch in public.


Here's Mary's "crazy pregnant lady on fire" pose.




Here's a grainy, non-traditional pic of Mary that I really dig.


See y'all back in Atlanta real soon!


Widdi said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I love these pictures - they're all magic.
Hope you guys are having a wonderful time!

love your mom! said...

Whoa! widdi is wight: these ARE magic.
But then, so are you!
>kiss kiss<

Anonymous said...

these look just lovely. hope you're having a fantastic time!
-kathleen aka the blog stalker.

stacey said...

thanks everybody! we surely had the big fun. y'all should come with next time!