Tuesday, August 5, 2008

keeping up with the to-dos

I was going through my "108 in 2008" list of goals, and realized that I've completed a few more tasks, and I also need to light a giant bonfire under my backside to get a move on some of the others. Is it really August already??

I love making lists and accomplishing things I've set out to do, but it's hard to ignore that goal is a four-letter word. It feels great to check something off my list after completing it, but then I look at the unfinished tasks and feel a sense of guilt more powerful than when I didn't clean my plate at Grandma Bode's house.

Well, at least Goal #84 - done! I've now shot three weddings where I worked with my second shooter to take photo booth pics. Granted, it's not technically a "booth", but it's still people having a good time taking quick, fun portraits. Couples seem to dig the idea as much as I do, and I have a few more weddings coming up that will have the photo booth. Woo hoo!

Here are a few recent shots from Sheila and Todd's wedding. Their guests did a fantastic job, don't ya think?

I had to post one of my favorite photo booth shots from Josh and Stephanie's wedding. This is John and Miriam, and I'll be shooting their wedding in May of 2009. I'm so excited!

Now it's time to stop blogging and get back to that list! Help!

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