Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 month old fletch

For this Fletch update, I probably could have just posted this image...

From now on when folks ask what kind of dog he is, my reply will be, "he's a luck dragon!". In the past month, his body and extremities have gotten ridiculously long. When he runs around the yard, he looks like a newborn deer after 5 cans of Red Bull.

He had a wonky month health-wise (translation: his health care now costs more than ours). Apparently, he has a food allergy, which gave him a rash, an ear infection, and caused him to gnaw off some of his fur. Sigh. His wonderful vet helped us out with some solutions, and he's now like a new dog. A new, Godzilla-like, maniac of a dog. We love you, Fletch. Keep on growin'!