Sunday, June 14, 2009

sarah + john

Whether I'm a photographer or a guest, the weddings that blow me away are the ones filled with emotion. Sarah + John's wedding wasn't just filled, it was completely overflowing. These two share such a special love with one another, and it was clear to see that those feelings go far beyond the two of them and spread generously to their family and friends.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Sarah for many years. We even went to Ireland together about 50 years ago, it seems. I was so glad to see Sarah again and finally meet John. I just couldn't be happier for these two wonderful people. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture such an unforgettable day.

Sarah was nothing short of radiant.

I was privileged to have the second-shooting abilities of the fab-u-lous Caroline Masclet. She's one of my favorite human beings, and a stellar photographer to boot. She shot my wedding a million years ago. The next couple pics of John and his amazing daughters were taken by Miss Caroline.

Here's Sarah's dad helping her put a sixpence in her shoe (tradition says it will bring them luck and wealth). However, I think what they actually had was a twopence. Two seems like a much luckier number to me!

We were taking portraits outside when it started raining. See, even MORE luck for them (though who needs luck when you've got love)!

The wedding was held at the incredible Watershed restaurant in Decatur. If you haven't eaten there, you are doing your mouth a disservice. Their staff was great and the atmosphere was elegant. The clean, simple, and natural details were perfect. I believe this was the first wedding they've held. Splendid job, indeed!

My buddy Rene was spinnin' the tunes all night. Best. DJ. Ever.

Instead of the traditional cake, they opted for a tower of freshly made macaroons. The phrase "melts in your mouth" doesn't even do them justice. They were created by Alon's bakery. Yumz! I also have to give a shout-out to super-duper florist Shoshona Le. She's done the flowers for multiple weddings I've shot, and her work is always top-notch.

There were several heart-felt speeches given at the reception. However, I think the moment we'll all remember best is when John's youngest daughter got up to speak, and was so overcome with emotion, that it was difficult for her to say what she had prepared. So lovely, and not a dry eye in the place.

Please stay tuned to see pics from Sarah + John's photo booth AND day-after session! Woo hoo!

To view a slideshow of more images from this joy-filled wedding, please click HERE

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