Thursday, June 18, 2009

sarah + dan

I love weddings where I do lots of gawking. From the time we showed up to start shooting this event, we kept staring at the flowers, the incredible property, the decorations, the lighting, the cake. Of course, all those special touches paled in comparison to when we finally saw Sarah and Dan together.

Dan has one of the warmest smiles you'll ever see, and Sarah was the epitome of a classic, yet modern bride. When they're next to each other, they seem to share lots of those "time stands still" moments.

Here are a few images from their spectacular wedding day...

The wedding was held at the charming home/farm of Dan's grandparents. After the ceremony, we were hoping to get a few pictures with the chickens. These chickens were FAST, and were not buying what we were selling.

Here are some of those details I had been gawking at. You'll notice two of my favorite things are present: fake birds and cake. I have to give a big ol' shout-out to event planner Erin Stroup of It's All in the Details. I know when I see her, everything will be running smoothly. Yay!

We had the photo booth set up during cocktail hour. Let me just point out that cocktails should be a requirement with the photo booth. My super second shooter hubby Matt was manning the booth, and the guests had fun writing messages to Sarah + Dan on the very cool mirror-like chalkboard they provided.

I'm not sure what his real name is, but I kept calling him "Wedding Cat!".

In case you can't tell from this photo, their guests know how to DANCE!

The first three tries were called as foul balls. I think this fourth throw was the winner!

Dan + Sarah, all my best to you in what's sure to be a long and loving life together.

To view a slideshow of more images from this unforgettable wedding, please click HERE


Christa Paulson Lovato said...

Love the photos Stacey! Sarah & Dan all the best to you and thanks for letting me accompany Stacey on your engagement shoot.
Christa Paulson Lovato

maryk said...

stacey, love love the cat picture.

and the bouquet tossing!

these are most excellent. cool looking reception.