Saturday, June 6, 2009


Prepare yourself for some unabashed cuteness! This super-adorable little guy is Hollis, who just celebrated birthday #2. Each year, his mom has photos taken on the birthdays of her kiddos, and hangs one of the prints up in a special room where each of her sweet boys has his own photo wall. How cool is that?

Usually, little ones can be tricky to photograph. Let's just say, running shoes are a must. However, Hollis was accommodating beyond his years. He behaved far better in front of the camera than I would have.

Here are a few shots of this darling fella...

Naturally, we had to get a few pics of him with his beautiful mom.

Thanks so much for such a fun session, and happy 2 years, Hollis!

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Leigh said...

love those and love the kids have their own wall! Beautiful shots, Stacey!