Tuesday, June 16, 2009

henry phelps

Last week, I joined Mary when she took Henry to experience his first "swim". He seemed to really dig it, which is good since I think we'll be planning more pool visits this summer. I had never been to the Grant Park Pool before, and it was really nice. Most importantly, they had a large cement hole filled with cool water for me to be in. That's really all I require.

I also solved the mystery of how Henry could possibly be any cuter. Just add water.

Mary, I hope you don't mind me posting a pic of you. You look adorable, and I took the liberty of photoshopping out the big wad of bright green gum that was in your mouth. :) Maybe I should have kept it in. It totally matched Henry's outfit.


maryk said...

CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much stacey. that first picture, as i scrolled down the first time, my jaw dropped, b/c it was like i was looking at a picture of my father.
i def want to go back, too!

Shelby said...

oh my lordy, what a treat! stacey, you make pictures that make me think all is right in the world. adORABLe! i'm coming to the pool with you guys next. call me!

max got his own pool today thanks to the big yard sale. come over to the hofer/habeger pool anytime! it holds six and has a whole four inches of water in it!

tim said...

He looks just like Henry. Wait, he is Henry. Well, he's looking good.

stacey said...

thanks, yalls! mary, i wish i had known him so i could say "oh yeah!", but just hearing that he looks like your dad makes me smile.

leigh hays said...

OMG - cuteness off the radar. It is time for me to take him. Ridiculously cute. I didn't know your dad well but I can see him in the Henry! Looks like a great pool!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary and Stacy what have you done? Brought cuteness and happiness to everyone again!!! Thanks for the smile this morning. And yes, he is a little Doby. I think your dad had that same look on his face (last pic) when we all went to see Santaland Diaries all those years ago. Makes my heart happy to know the coolness carries on.