Wednesday, February 20, 2008

caitlin gets me

I didn't think Caitlin could get any cooler, until the mail came today. Enclosed with a very kind note were these Betty Crocker recipe cards from 1971, a time when apparently all food and furniture were the same color scheme, and all dishes must involve some type of glaze and be covered in mandarin orange slices.

Thank you SO much Caitlin!!! Here are a few of the cards she sent. They fill me with joy...the way a good tuna salad fills a green pepper.

I used to live in Hawaii. "Aloha" can have several meanings....hello, goodbye, love. "Fonduloha" is not a traditional Hawaiian word, but my guess is that it translates to confusion, pineapple murder, and dysentery. This may not seem too bad until you read some of the ingredients...mayo, chutney, curry powder, banana, TURKEY. Barf.

Caitlin voted this as her favorite, surely due to the title. If Betty really had a clue, these would be displayed on a naked woman wearing a football helmet.

I've experienced the true pleasure of being on an African safari. Let me tell you, peeing unprotected in the middle of the bush land, pants down and within attacking distance of hungry cheetah and hippos wasn't nearly as scary as this cake.

Ok, I have to admit it. Someone will probably be getting this cake on their birthday. However, I will not be serving green tempera paint as a side dish.

I try as hard as I can to keep this blog at a PG-13 level. Everything I WANT to say about the image below would fall into NC-17 at best.

Caitlin, you totally made my day! THANK YOU!

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heighlo. said...

fabulouso! I love the lady bug cake and totally want that for my birthday. 4.28 - just so you know.