Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is the alluring Shelby, who is a rare talent. She's a wonderful actress and an equally wonderful human being. It's always fun taking headshots for long-time friends...so relaxed. Another great thing about Shelby is that she's a collaborator, and we played around with some different ideas for her shots. Love that!

In the near future, I hope to work on some photo projects with Shelby and Push Push Theater, a great place for artists to explore and share their creative pursuits.

In the next few months, I should have some more way cool non-headshot photos of Shelby to post! Stay tuned!


ablebody said...

she looks qUiRkY!

stacey said...

very phunny! i still think quirky is a fine way to be described. like, if i were to set fire to your xbox...that would be SO quirky!

Tommy said...

Emily was my girlfriend in "Crimes of the Heart" some 13 years ago. How come I've aged and she hasn't?