Friday, February 15, 2008

shelby's little robot zillionaire!

Shelby & Tim were nice enough to share their Valentine's Day with me (Matty was out of town on a film shoot). We decided to create a new type of date night...dinner and photos! I think I might have actually begged Shelby to let me take pregs pics of her, so she was kind enough to oblige.

Here's Shelby bringing sexy Oakhurst.

Ok, so are you starting to understand why I begged Shelby to let me take these?

That third pic is why you can't go wrong photographing Shelby.

We had to do a little ode to Dylan. Wookit dat sweet wittuwl face!

Tim, Shelby, and their first baby together.

They had this YUMMY German chocolate in that pretty tin. Sorry America, you just don't know how to do chocolate right. Or healthcare. I believe the tea Tim is holding is called "Hot Love". Surely this is why Shelby is totally knocked up.

Shelby had the brilliant idea of having Tim write potential names for their man-child on her belly. My favorite is Robot Zillionaire, but I guess Levi is nice too. That's their little fella on the left. Can't wait to meet him in July!

Robot Zillionaire for president!


heighlo. said...

those are AWESOME! Really fun. I am sure they forgave you for totally MAKING them shoot the pics when they saw them. She is a beautiful preg preson. Robot Zillionaire is a good name.

angela said...

I told my neighbor about flickr. Now she's addicted. Today she says to me, "I saw this woman taking preggo pictures today in Oakhurst. We have to steal this idea." (I'm pregnant.)
She proceeded to tell me about it. Of course, I thought it was hilarious!

I do a simple flickr search and there you are.

Thought that was funny and had to tell you. Sooooooooo if you see some "bump" pictures in my stream I hope you don't mind too much!

stacey said...

hi angela! how funny! can't wait to see your versions of the "bump" pics!

Anonymous said...

I love them!!!! Wonderful :)