Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's alilve! ALIVE!!!

After over a year of not updating my old website, I traded it in for a younger model. And it's LIVE! I will no longer have to quietly mumble my web address to people and tell them to maybe check my blog instead (while clenching my teeth). The new site is a much more accurate reflection of me and my work. Well, if it was REALLY a reflection of me, it would just be a picture of pancakes. It's better than that, I swear. I hope folks dig it.

I have to give a HUGE thanks to my dear friend Matt Young, who was willing to let me use one of his wonderful songs on the site. It's by Captain Genius, a super-fun pop band. The song on the site is "Good for You", a gorgeous ballad Matt wrote when he was dating Sara (now his wife and mamma of their perfect little girl). If you don't know Sara, I can only offer my apologies because she's got a soul that will restore your faith in humanity. For reals. Anyway, the song is exactly what I hoped to have on my site, so thank you Matt!


heighlo. said...

excellent job, Ms. Bode! it is so YOU. Enjoyed browsing through and amazing speed! LOVE the new site.

Susie said...

Wow, I was just blown away by your new site. I gazed at the gallery - yes, every single photo - and love the music.
Cheers to you ~ you are the bestest!

stacey said...

gush. thank you SO much, Leigh and Momy!! that means the world.