Friday, February 8, 2008

FO REAL estate

Today, I got to try something new. That's usually the sign of a good day, unless it's a new germ, nasty type of food, or neurotic thought. Not so today! This was a new experience in real estate photography. My friend Leigh needed some photos of some properties she's been working on. Man, I got an eye-opening lesson into what she does. It's not just swanky tours through swanky homes with swanky prospective buyers. It's running to-and-fro, discussing timelines with construction contractors, and juggling every detail of each property. Dang, Leigh!

Even though we didn't need to shoot the interior of two properties we visited, I was lucky enough to get a tour. Good lawd, I was drooling over the beautiful innards of these places. Fine livin', indeed.

Those "bar stools" are suede. Mmmmmm....buttery.

I heart stainless steel appliances. Not present in my home, but coveted from afar.

One of the properties was still under construction, but we were able to take some pics of the suh-weet view from the upper balcony.

Thanks, Leigh! That was way cool.

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heighlo. said...

THANK YOU for such a fun outing and some great shots!