Monday, February 11, 2008

i'll still need you and feed you when you're 64

Happy 64th birthday Dad! Well, yesterday. We had a fun day of taking digital photos of old family slides, putting a new dvd changer in my car, and eating another yummy Mom meal.

Contrary to these photos, my Dad's the coolest. Here he is with his new laser level-slash-stud finder (insert stud finder joke here). Dad's theatrical interpretation of getting old involved looking confused by the written instructions and grabbing his own butt. Let's call it an artistic choice.

It's odd to see Dad extinguishing fire, since he usually starts them. During childhood summers, my Mom could be heard shouting, "girls...your dad has set fire to the lawn again!". That tends to happen when you start up the grill with paint thinner.

Now, here are some old slides from back in the day. This is one of my Dad's sweet Corvettes. MAN, I wish he still had this car! I mean, I wish I could STEAL THIS CAR FROM HIM!!

Though blurry, you can still see how hot my Mom is. Turns out, Stacey's Mom HAS got it goin' on.

Hot child in the city. Milwaukee, that is. I'm pouting at my first and last Brewer's game. That is a Duran Duran pin on my lavender painters cap, and that is a first edition Sony Walkman playing the Journey "Escape" album. SO choice!

Looks AND talent.

I love this pic of me and Dad. I also love that we were both wearing glasses only for dramatic effect.

Here I am freaking out in an elevator...or maybe because it's the 70s. Check out my mittens that are strung through my coat sleeves so I don't lose yet another pair.

Scary times. Here with cousins Linda, Jeff, Mike, and my sis Trischa. I'm the one in the green dress, doing some sort of revival dance.


heighlo. said...

very fun! happy birthday, mr. bode. I love he got a stud finder to finish YOUR attic space! :)

Oh, that's so Trikki! said...

I'll take you up on your beer as soon as I can! In the meantime, when I see you next, I'll share with you my Duran Duran pin that I still have from the 7th grade. Hope to see you in March!