Friday, February 22, 2008

share the luvs

Kathleen Donahoe from Out of Hand Theater, was kind enough to pass along my photo info to the Oh Baby! Fitness website. If you are pregs, thinking about becoming pregs, or know a pregs gal (I'm looking at you, Shelby), you should send them to this lovely site. It's a great resource for all things an expecting or new mom could need! The only thing I couldn't find on the site was a way to stop time biologically so that I don't have to have a baby until I'm 50. C'mon eggs...hang in there! Are any other women as freaked out as me at the fact that we have eggs hanging out in us? I shouldn't worry, as mine are surely rotten by now. I just remember dissecting a frog in high school, and eggs just pouring out of it. Never really got over that. Bleh.

So please check out Oh Baby! Fitness and also go see what Out of Hand is up too!

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