Saturday, February 16, 2008

jon & avril!

Meet Jon and Avril (hope I spelled that right...pronounced like "April" with a "v"). This couple is about as cool as they come. Jon decided to make all other guys look bad by doing the sweetest thing for Valentine's Day. He arranged this photo session for them to have some nice "couple" shots taken. Love that! They've been dating just two months! I was trying to remember what Matt and I were up to two months into our relationship. I'm pretty sure we flew to LA to hang out with his best friend Matt Young, who had just started dating Sara (now his wifey and mother of their perfect little gal). We attended a "pimps and 'hos" party, and Matt (Young) and I bonded over midori sours, x-men action figures, and talk of the exquisiteness of Sara.

Jon and Avril, I wish you many more happy months of coolness together!


Brody said...

Hey, I know this guy. He's the TA in a class I'm taking. He's a funny guy. The photos are wonderful. I'm going to hit you up next year for my first anniversary.

stacey said...

hey, thanks brody! yes, he IS funny...and yes, please totally let me know when it's anniversary time!

Avril said...

WOW! These are amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics! It was great meeting you and it was lots of fun working with you too! :-)