Thursday, July 31, 2008

introducing max habeger!


Our good friends, Tim and Shelby, finally got to meet their little boy the other day. Maximillian Joseph Habeger has officially entered this world, and he's about as perfect as can be.

Shelby is my new hero. I won't go into all the details, but she had to work extremely hard for nearly THREE DAYS before getting to hold that little fella for the first time. I hope she reminds him of this every Mother's Day and every time he refuses to clean his room.

Much love to the three of you! I can't wait to watch as this little guy grows up!

Here are some photos of Max at the ripe old age of 13 hours!

I adore this next shot. Matt says he looks like an Edward Gorey character. I'd have to agree.

Max is getting a nice view of his first storm. When the boom of the thunder sounded, Tim would say to Max, "I invented that".

Just after this photo was taken, a nurse rushed at us a bit crazy-eyed, like she might have to get all ninja on us. Apparently when we left the room, we set off an alarm sensor on the baby. We didn't realize that Max was on lock-down, and Tim was about to get body-slammed for stealing his own child. Oops.

A little quality-time with Grandma...

To see a slideshow of more images from Max's first day, click HERE


Susie said...

awwwwww - that is so awesome. Felicitations to Mom and Dad; that is one gorgeous little mini-man!

Anonymous said...

wow. such beautiful photos i almost cried.

C.S. Perry said...

There are many moments in life that can show us the subtlest of meanings and beauties…but childbirth isn’t one of them; there is nothing subtle about it.
And yet these photos seem to take the edge off the actuality of the Moment and allow it to fade in gradually almost; more like a slow revelation than a sudden epiphany.

After the birth of my son and a long, hard search through the apparent depths of my own perspicacity, the only word I could find that seemed appropriate for his delivery was: Stark.
But it’s still a moment that will live inside you as long as you’re breathing.
And, having known Shelby for nearly twenty years now, I’m sure that she will keep this one with her and find more fuel from it than most of us could ever hope to squeeze out of a lifetime.
My most earnest congratulations to the happy parents and my sincerest wish for a long and happy life to Baby Max.

And all the requisite praise, of course, to the skill and artistic aplomb of the photographer. Your work is outstanding.

stacey said...

c.s. - what beautiful words. thank you for sharing that.