Thursday, May 8, 2008

stephanie & josh's wedding!

L-1 O-1 V-4 E-1

Stephanie and Josh met at a friend's house for a game of Scrabble, and ended up with more than a triple word score. They began dating, and eventually, Stephanie would find a special Scrabble board with tiles spelling out a proposal, alongside a box with a ring.

This past Saturday, they exchanged vows at the beautiful Callanwolde Fine Arts Center here in Atlanta. It was a 1920s-themed event, and everyone went all-out...dashing hats, beaded gowns, fluffy feathers, and sharp suits. Stephanie's gown was hand-made by a friend, who is obviously an incredible costumer.

It really was a gorgeous day, and I feel lucky to have met Stephanie and Josh. They're the type of fun, creative, lively people that I'm always drawn to.

I can't wait to do our "day-after" session. I'm going to take pictures of them having their wedding bands put on...tattoos! So cool.

Here's a little sample of some images from they're swanky wedding day party!

The pic below is of Hassan, my friend from HK Imaging. I have to give him another big "thanks" for being my second shooter. Yay, Hassan!

They decided to see each other before the ceremony...I LOVE when couples do that! We got to take some great shots, and this one is Stephanie seeing some of the guests arrive, who thought they had missed the ceremony because we were out there taking photos. Hilarious!

How could we NOT take advantage of a chalkboard in the room where Stephanie was getting ready??!!

Their first dance was to Iron & Wine's "Such Great Heights". Man, that's a sweet song. One of my favs too.

Here's a pic of Josh and his band...looking very smooth.

To see a slideshow of more images from their big day, click HERE

T-1 H-4 A-1 N-1 K-5 S-1 so much you two!


Widdi said...

Your photos always take my breath away... : )

stacey said...

thanks widdi! you're so kind to say that. i want to see some of the photos YOU have taken lately!

Stephanie said...


Just got home from Bermuda today and am checkin email. The photos look so wonderful! I especially love the one of Josh leaning against my tattoo arm. You're awesome. We'll give you a call tomorrow to see if the tattoo parlor is still doable for you.

<3 Steph