Saturday, April 12, 2008

crazy 'bout you

I had the most unexpected, wonderful surprise yesterday! I was organizing my piles of CDs, when I came across one that had "Crazy 'Bout You" written in sharpie on it. That song was created for our wedding by our dear friend Matt Young, who performed it during our first dance. I didn't think we had a copy of it since it wasn't on any of the albums that his band, Captain Genius, released. I can't listen to 2 notes of it without balling. He's so talented, honest, and has the biggest heart, which is why nobody writes a love song like him.

So, after my thrilling discovery in the CD stack, I had to post the song. Then I thought, why not post a couple of our wedding pics too. These were taken by the fabulous Caroline Masclet.

Tim did a great job with our ceremony. Such a good job, that I turned into a muppet.


Gotta love the shoes! This pic says so much about my lovely lady friends. What you can't see is the big spider that jumped out right after this pic was taken. Jen (third shoe from left) is more afraid of spiders than I am of my hair in the 80s.



To listen to Matt Young's incredible song, please click HERE

What's really wild is that it's a LIVE version! He would play this song at the Captain Genius shows. Their music is generally fun pop-type tunes, but when he'd play this, the room would go silent. So cool.


ak said...

You're so gorgeous Stacey.
That song indeed made me cry.

stacey said...

thanks ak, you big sweetie pie! i'm glad i'm not the only one who cries when i hear a great song!

hk|imaging said...

Unfortunately, I didn't cry... but I do think your pictures are beautiful!!