Sunday, April 20, 2008

claire's headshots!

Claire is a woman of many faces. When I was first getting to know her, I saw a show called "Clown Show for Bruno" at Push Push Theater. I remember seeing this doll-like statuesque woman who's performance was really captivating. After the show, "off-stage" Claire passed me several times, and I had no idea it was the same lovely lady from the show!

I've now known Claire for some time, and have always thought that she's such a beauty. So much so, that I had to photograph her the way I see her in my head. Here's the Claire that resides in my brain...

Understandably, she needed something with clean hands for her new acting headshots. So, we got to "play camera" again! Yay!

Here are just a few of the shots we took...

So, I can't help doing this weird thing, where I find similarities between the people I know, and famous people. It really has no purpose, but it's something my brain just needs to do, and I don't put up a fight. Disclaimer: I truly celebrate the uniqueness of people, and realize that comparisons are not necessarily constructive. My brain does not understand this disclaimer. SO, forgive me Claire, but in the pic below, you totally look like Samantha of my favorite actresses. Scroll down for even more comparisons....

Stick with me on this one, maybe you'll get it if you picture different hair, but I think below, Claire looks like Kate Hudson. Yes?

With the Kate Hudson thing above, it's not shocking that below I see Goldie Hawn.

And this one is all Claire. Just Claire.

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