Monday, April 21, 2008

kermit was wrong

It IS easy being green. I'm proud to say that I've been working on #44 on my list of 108 goals for 2008, which is "start new practices to be more "green".

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2008!!! We should all take a few simple steps to give the Earth a little breather from all the abuse. A few websites that I think are helpful to folks wanting to learn how to become more eco-tastic are treehugger and
10 Ways to Go Green.

Here are some of the ways that I'm moving toward a more earth-friendly existence...
  • I began recycling all our plastic, glass, aluminum, papers, and magazines
  • I switched to using only rechargeable batteries
  • I changed to low-energy light bulbs
  • We keep the thermostat off or only between 68 and 70 if necessary
  • I buy only recycled paper for use with my printer/copier/fax
  • We purchase as many used items as possible. Most of the decorations around our house are used items or things made by us or our artistic friends.
  • I started drinking water out of a reusable container instead of buying plastic bottles
  • I purchase products that are housed in recyclable containers
  • If possible, Matt and I walk to places instead of taking the car. He's even better about this since he rides his bike everywhere. Mine needs to be fixed, then hopefully I'll join him.
  • I eat very little meat. You may wonder how this helps the Earth. Well, meat production facilities use a huge amount of energy.
There are many more steps I can take, and I'm going to keep working on it. Today, I was reading about how to grow a vegetable garden. What I really need is an article about how to NOT KILL a vegetable garden. Wish me luck on that one.

I'm also going to call our local recycling center to purchase a special blue tote (only $15) which will let me put our paper and magazines out for curbside pickup! Ooh, the lazy girl in me LOVES that. No more hauling boxes in the car.

My latest green effort is switching my info folders for clients from poly-coated or vinyl to a natural paper fiber. They're not only easier on the environment and recyclable, but they cost less and I can add special touches to give them a cool hand-crafted look.

For the folder below, I just stamped a design on it and added a paper label with my logo. Easy cheesy. But hopefully not too cheesy.

Here's a version in black...

Then I affix these labels to the back of each folder. In case you're wondering...yes, I DO save energy when I use only uncapitalized lettering.

If anyone has additional advice/suggestions on how to more efficiently hug those trees, let us know!!! Happy huggin'!


Stephanie said...

AWESOME. There's a great place to order all kinds of products:

hk|imaging said...

Stacey thats great! I am trying to do some much to be green at the moment too! I have really cut down on meat, I recycle most of my stuff, and not the mention I also broke out my mountain bike for everyday trips. I LOVE your logo and your binders, you are so ridiculously creative!!

stacey said...

yay, ecotastic friends! thanks for the link, stephanie...and hassan for the kind words!

i don't know if either of you will see these comments again, but it's ironic that you both wrote here.

Hassan, Stephanie is the gal getting married Saturday. Stephanie, Hassan will be coming along to shoot with me instead of Matt, who is out of town filming a commercial. Soon you two shall meet!