Monday, April 14, 2008

joel & jill engagement!

Wow, I've known these two for a loooong time, and you'll struggle to find two nicer people. I met Jill ages ago when we both worked at the same pharmacy, I think in like 1975. Ok, maybe it was the 90s during the Grunge Dynasty. Jill looks exactly the same as when I met adorable ray of sunshine. She later came to work at the biomedical company I was at, where Joel works as well. Joel is one of the people I was thankful for when I was at my day job. He's one of those sane people who "gets it". You know, someone who can be professional and human at the same time (NOT easy to come by).

I was so out of the loop at the company (at least about people's personal stuff) that when Joel contacted me about wedding photography, I didn't even know he and Jill were dating! Well, that was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

Here are some pics from their fun engagement shoot at the
Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was so great to see you two and have a quiet stroll through the flowers. I can't wait for your wedding next month!!!

Any guys reading this, please take note...Joel did not try to push Jill into the pond. Not once! Chivalry lives!

Oh, this next one brings me acres of joy!

Joel and Jill moonlight as supermodels.

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