Friday, April 4, 2008

link n' blogs

On my pal Mary's blog, she occasionally posts weird links that come up when she googles her name. She gets some pretty out-there ones. So, I thought I'd see what would come up when my name is thrown at the inter-web.

I only had four things come up that weren't related to me being a photographer. Here they are....

I was in a really fun show with the Savage Tree Arts Project a few years ago back when I was doing dance and choreography for some Atlanta theater productions. That seems like a completely different world now. I'm sure my parents are glad that I've stopped dragging them to watch me in shows where I play yet another dancing hooker. The Savage Tree Show was a '50s-style variety show, so my parents really liked that one. No hookers in sight. Anyway, here's a link to one of the promo pics.

and here's the pic (photo by Christina Tober)

That's Christie Vozniak on the left and Anna-Kate Nalesnik on the right. Two little lovelies.

Next, we have my listing as a band member of The Blue Valentines. For about 5 minutes, I was in a Tom Waits cover band. I did a few gigs with them, and then the majority of the members moved to Europe, where they're still going strong. I've since decided that I will no longer participate in re-creating the music of Mr. Waits. I shall place it gently on a pedestal and leave it there to admire. Here's the linky-poo...

And now for my venture into film. I have some very talented film-making friends, and Keith Hooker of Light Hog Films shot a little gem called "The Return of Dr. Rod" in which I played Megan, a conservative woman married to a nudist. It was a blast to make, and it won the Audience Award for the 2005 48 Hour Film Project. Hooray!

Here's the link and a few special moments from the film...

And finally, a link from back in my smarty-pants days. I'm referenced in an article written about a project that I was involved in back in my heart valve building days. I know lots of big words and have a freakish ability to dissect and sew tissue grafts. I think the longest word I had to learn in college was perhydrocyclopentanophenanthrine, which if memory serves me, is a steroid derivative. I'm hesitant to put the article link here because I doubt that a biomedical company would want me linking its work on my wacky blog. If you get an itch to read up on tissue technologies from the year 2000, go to the Annals of Thoracic Surgery, and look up "Transpecies heart valve transplant: advanced studies of a bioengineered xeno-autograft". A little light reading.

Wow, I feel like my life just flashed behind my eyes. I highly suggest to anyone reading this, that you take a few minutes to review some of the things you've done in your past that make you smile and go "wow, I did that!". We'll save the things we've done that we'd like to forget, or make us go "ew" for another time and post.

One last "honorable mention". My husband's blog had a link to my site, so when you google me, the name of his blog comes up. It's called "Topless and Unemployed". Yep. So to all my clients out there who may have googled me, when you realize that I am in fact "topped" and "emplyed", I hope you aren't disappointed by the false advertising.


ak said...

Yay, Dancing Hookers! Those were the good ole days!
Really though, I had a really good time being a dancing hooker with you.
I realized the other day how weird it is that my parents let my play a hooker at the tender age of 15 and rub up on some man crotch on stage. Oh, to have liberal hippies as parents.

maryk said...

actually, those results on my site aren't results for my name or my blog's name. They are the referral pages by which other random people got to my blog. i have a site-meter on my blog (little icon at the very bottom) and one of the free services it provides other than just number of hits, is to tell you what city/state/country people are viewing from, and the websites through which they found you. so all those things were google searches that random people were doing which brought them somehow to my blog. isss so crazzzy!