Friday, April 18, 2008

Trader Vic's II: Mai Tai Revenge!

Too. Much. Fun.

Kara and Steve came over last night to view all of the photos from their fabulous wedding last month. I got to hear some great inside stories from their big day, including their guests asking why Tina Fey was at their wedding. I just write comedy as a little side project to my photography.

Naturally, after looking at their pics, we had to shake it on down to Trader Vic's' for some tropical drinks and Tongo Hiti tunes. Those adult beverages are both magical and deadly. Kara and I were engaged in a marathon of giggles. At one point, we were both massaging our sore cheeks.

Kara & Steve, you're the BEST! So glad we got to catch up and share such a good time. Once my liver recovers from last night, we'll have to go whoop it up again!

Here are the pre-drink "before" pics. When "before" pics are necessary, you know you're in for some trouble.

Steve looks like he's up to something by the first sip!

Matt doing his look that I'll call "super villain senior portrait".

What do you get when you cross Tina Fey and a muppet???

Kara got her special wedding tiki mug back...hooray! Steve toasts to her happiness. I love that Kara's description of the mug to the gentleman who agreed to go find it was "it looks like me, but on a mug". So true.

Steve was brave enough to order a drink that comes with it's own safety hazard. He managed that beverage without ever having to stop, drop, and roll. Most impressive.

The "after" photo! I think this proves that men and women really ARE least when filled with rummy goodness. Girls Gone Wild. Boys Gone Sensible.


Tommy said...

The three of you on the left look ready for a night of wild abandon. Matt looks like there's a character development problem in the second half of his novel that is eating at him. When I drink, I start out looking like you, and very quickly turn into Matt's dour novelist. Then, I turn into Ryan Adams. For ten minutes, I get loopy and start licking Wendy's toes, and, finally, I sink into Patrick McMurphy from "Cuckoo's Nest" post-lobotomy. It's really worth the price of a drink to see it happen.

stacey said...

tommy, i will make sure i keep "the price of a drink" in my purse at all times so i'll be at the ready to witness that.

Tommy said...

Ya never know if you can find a place that sells drinks on the fly. Best to keep a full pitcher of Mojitos in your purse. Also, keep your toes covered, and don't ask me to play "Summer of 69", 'cause that's BRYAN Adams, not RYAN Adams, and I just might go ape shit on you.

stacey said...

being a fan of RYAN adams, i am painfully aware of the difference...and the fact that most other people are not.

"oh yeah, ryan adams...i love that song he did for that robin hood
movie". i've heard someone say this.

now about that movie...kevin costner was suspiciously the only person with an american accent (at least chrisian slater made a terrible attempt). when asked about it, costner said that he had just finished "dances with wolves" and couldn't shake that accent before doing "robin hood". um, you're AMERICAN. you didn't NEED an accent for that one. also, you're an ACTOR. if you can't handle a british accent, let someone else have a turn.

Tommy said...

Glad you're aware of the "Ryan/Bryan" conundrum. I like Ryan's music, though his people skills need refining. Bryan Adams is probably a really nice guy...that's the trade-off, I guess. Less talent, less hostile.

"Robin Hood". Wow. I thought Costner did try an accent, but it was just so awful, he finally disavowed any knowledge of attempting one. He's a real paradox to me - at times so genuine and capable, at others, so off-the-charts bad and lost, it's frustrating. It seems that westerns and baseball movies work for him. Apocalyptic films about water and postal carriers, not so much.

Oh - renting "Secretary" this week, for my birthday. Tying Wendy to the sofa to make her watch it with me. Wish me luck.

Stephanie said...

those are very cute and now make me want to go to trader vics again.

I'm telling everyone at my wedding to make sure that Tina Fey takes their picture.