Tuesday, April 8, 2008

holy macro!

Last night I had the privilege of serving as judge of a photo contest for the Cobb Photographic Society. I know a few of the talented folks who are members (Randy, Al, Umit, and Cynthia) and was so excited to see the work of the whole group.

For some reason, I thought I would be one of maybe 3 judges who would walk around silently, take some notes, and then reach a decision. Oh my. The actual situation was that I was the sole judge who critiqued each photo one by one to the room of photographers. I was just a LITTLE nervous. First of all, I kept tripping over the stands holding the lights shining on the work I was discussing. Very smooth. Also, for me, judging the art of other people is something I typically avoid as much as I would avoid sticking my hand in molten lava. However, the vibe of this group is very positive, and the critiques are meant to be learning tools. The really hard part was not looking at every image and just saying "wow, that's really great!"...."oh, and THAT's really great!".

The theme for last night's work was macro photogra
phy. I was truly impressed. The quality, technical ability, and presentation were all fantastic. There were about 30 entries in the black & white category and about 40 in color. They will be posting the winning shots on their site soon, and when they're up, you can view them by clicking HERE.

A big thanks to them for a great experience, and for allowing me to speak about their incredible work! Oh, and for the beer after!

I usually don't like to create posts without any photos. However, I don't want to post any images from the group members without permission, so I've hesitantly posted one of my own macro pics. After seeing the shots last night, mine is a little sad, but like every artist, I should be proud of my work...so here ya go.

Day 15

Peace, y'all!

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