Thursday, April 24, 2008

stuff i dig - bunny feet

Pasi works her way into blogland again. This time she's featured because of her strange species ambiguity. She's some other type of animal trapped in a cat's body. She's part dog, part hippo, part battering ram. Here, she demonstrates one of my favorite animal impressions...the rabbit. She does this all the time. Lays on back, curls feet. She's either "playing bunny" or pretending that she's a woman in a cartoon who just saw a mouse.

My guess is, she wouldn't be happy as a cat, so let's not break the news to her.

Does anyone else have a cat that does this???


maryk said...

mine do sort of, but not that congtained and prissy. but mine are boys. it's more splayed out. but yes, ridiculously cute. it makes me grab at the feet til they get irritated and jump down from wherever they are resting comfortably.

Anonymous said...

haha...olive totally does the bunny. she has what i call her white go go boots that go past her ankles and little pink pads. i actually took pictures of the bunny this weekend. i'll have to send you them :)