Wednesday, September 3, 2008

becky & aitor!

What do you get when you cross a lazy Tuesday with: a camera, two artistic friends from Canada, some novelty teeth, and BBQ leftovers? I'm happy to be able to answer that age-old question for you.




Then we turned things up a notch...

Here's a fascinating little gem that Aitor purchased. Apparently, it works but also gives off a burning smell. So, I guess their claim of "Soothing...Stimulating" holds some truth.

And now an ode to some of Aitor's magnificent artwork. He also draws incredible "unflattering" portraits that fill me with joy. You should check out his site, Misanthrope Specialty Company, by clicking HERE.

I believe I will be purchasing this next one to proudly display in my home. Perhaps it should live on the piano.

He makes groovy cards too. When I look at this next one, I hear my friend Mary saying it..."I love you so haaaawwwwwd".

And now an ode to some of Becky's magnificent buttons. You should check out her website, The Sweetie Pie Press, by clicking HERE.

I got some of these birdie ones. It's probably a good thing that I didn't have these when I got married years ago, because I would have attached them to my wedding dress.

Wait! There's more!

Becky is one half of the Iron Cobra improv group. They're like nothing else you'll see, because it's that good.

Becky and Aitor have also been traveling around America to craft shows, and thankfully Atlanta improv festivals.
You can check out their adventures blog-style by clicking HERE.


maryk said...

the top pics remind me of Too Hot For Summer!

stacey said...

actually, when we put the sauce on becky's face, i totally had deja vu from when we smeared you with spaghetti-os.

sweetie pie press said...

hello stranger,

i just wanted to show you this: of many places your pictures will show up.

thank you again. aitor and i miss you all. lots.