Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a perfect day of namaste

Yoga will change your life. Knowing Tiffany and Cheryl will change your life. So I was pleased as punch to take some photos they needed for their yoga teaching adventures (they're both instructors at Decatur Hot Yoga). I love that they wanted non-traditional shots that demonstrate the fun they weave into their classes (I love their Ha-Ha-Hot sessions!). Now, we all drool over the gorgeous black & white images of intimidating yoga poses reminiscent of those Cirque du Soleil bendy-girls, but I'm always up for something outside the box. Cheryl also needed some photos for her tour of duty as a Lululemon Athletica ambassador. Woo hoo!

So here are some pics from our day of play...

Cheryl has such a natural smile that just beams.

Oh, Tiff...if you weren't such a dear friend, I'd have to hate you for always being this photogenic. What you can't see in this image is that she has another pillow on her crotch that says "hope".

Harmony! Perhaps the cutest dog on Earth. I keep wanting to say that she's a Snickerdoodle, but she's in fact a Labradoodle. Such a sweetums!

Here are some recently discovered outtakes from the famous "Titanic" scene. It's a shame they didn't make the final cut of the film. In the original script, there was a spa and yoga studio on the ship.

It's really not fair that Tiff looks this good just standin' around.

Cheryl is wickedly funny.

Who wouldn't want to take a class from these LOVEly ladies???

I am BEGGING Tiff to use this next pic as her acting headshot. Seriously Tiff, I WILL call your agency. You know I'll do it, so why fight it?

I adore this shot of Cheryl. I think it looks like she's giving the world a hug...and it needs one.

In case you're curious about the mannequin, they teach a class called "Yoga for the Stiff Guy". Brilliant, right? Even more brilliant is that this fella lives in the front window of Cheryl's house....backside to the street. Aw yeah!

C'mon Tiff, could ya knock it off with the pretty??!!

The next section of this post is dedicated to the magical whimsy of Cheryl's home. Each of the many wonderful details reflects the joy she and her family have for health, life, and love. I couldn't get enough of it, and I want my home to be like hers when it grows up.

Yes, her fridge IS a chalkboard and IS covered in beautiful yoga-speak. Wish I could translate for you. Let's pretend it says "No gorillas allowed...Have a nice day...Live a blissful existence...Including all you gorillas".

I won't get all political here. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Note: see above comment about Cheryl's wicked sense of humor.

These next shots show a few details related to Cheryl's incredible triplet daughters. They're all very different, but equally wonderful.

Aren't they stunning little ladies?

Thank you SO much, Tiff and Cheryl. I can't wait to play again. NAMASTE!


Tommy said...

Those were awesome! What beautiful shots, what beautiful subjects!

Namaste in a big ol' way!

lovely work, ladies - all of ya.

stacey said...

thanks tommy! namaste to you, my friend.