Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hope is a friend who has been off in California for a while earning her graduate degree. Lucky for me, she is in town for a few days, and wanted some fun portraits for the website she's building. Hope is a "Jane of all trades" with her various talents, but when I first met her years ago, she was choreographing several Atlanta theater productions that I was involved in. She's pretty fabulous that way.

It was another hot afternoon (hotter than we expected), but Hope played effortlessly with the camera, and we shared more giggles than I can count. I also learned a few things...when you shoot in Little 5 Points, you will run into lots of people you know...Hope is even funnier than I remember...and I'm now in love with the combination of brown sweater + yellow pants.

It was such a joy to have some time to hang out with Hope, who I only get to see once in a blue moon. I should go give my camera a little pat for allowing such wonderful things to happen.

Not many people can do this pose, AND look awesome, AND do it in a sassy pair of red high heels.

Could she BE more pretty? This is a rhetorical can't improve on this level of pretty.

It's really not fair that she looks cute in hats too. NOT FAIR!

Of course, we had to get a little goofy at the end...

Thanks so much, Hope! We'll miss you while you're off being smart on the West coast!


Joy said...

these are so beautiful and FUN! She looks amaaaazzzziinnnngggg!

stacey said...

thanks, joy! sessions like this one with hope always remind me why i love what i do.

maryk said...

i just commented on one of these on facebook! thought someone out west must've done it, didn't know she was in town. i was thinking, that really looks like a stacey picture.