Saturday, September 27, 2008

mary and dan are expectin'!

It's so cool when people's personalities come out in their photos. If you don't know Mary and Dan, hopefully you'll feel like you know them after seeing these images. They are good friends of ours, and they have a little fella on the way. I mean, of course they do, since pretty much everyone we know is currently pregnant with a man child. I really need to check my mail more carefully, because we obviously missed some sort of notification from the government.

They are both Atlanta actors and are truly two of the funniest people walking the Earth. Head to the Switchworks site and check out "Simpson and Snatch". For realz. Mary makes me laugh so hard (I haaaaaawwwwdd) that I spit, snort, and scream like a pterodactyl. So, I knew this would be a maternity session like no other.

Mary and Dan, thanks for "letting" me take these shots. Can't wait to meet that tiny guy! Until then, here are some pre-baby pics...

Mary's due date is right near the "big" Tuesday, so they voted early.

Dan had an idea to take a series of shots with Matt invading their moment. Sorry it had to be so small to fit on here, but you get the idea. Matt pointed out that you can't go wrong with crossed eyes. I agree.

I'm not sure that either of these expressions is the result of acting. Dan's book had some scary, graphic photos in it, and any woman who isn't terrified with the idea of childbirth IS acting.

I'm sure there's something father-son-Freudian going on here, but you'll have to ask Dan about that.

Disclaimer: Mary did NOT drink or smoke during our least not while I was looking.

We may not have had the novelty teeth, but they had the glasses!

I LOVE taking photos that show off how ridiculously beautiful Mary is.

I think this next one shows Mary just being natural. So, even with all the funny and dramatic shots, this might be my favorite for that reason.

To see a slideshow of more images from Mary and Dan's cool session, click HERE


Widdi said...

The slideshow made me cryyyyyyyy.... Wonderful pictures.... sniff sniff

maryk said...

ohhhhhhhhh man. man! meee tooo.

stacey, these are ridiculously good! you are a miracle worker! ...!
love love them.

i think there's another one you took with the blocks... i could hab that so hawwwet?

stacey said...

thanks widdi!

mayreee...thank YOU! there are LOTS more pics. wasn't sure if you'd want those "other" pics with the blocks posted. you know, in case your probation officer reads this blog. :)

you'll get these shots and all the udder uns too.

maryk said...

i just realized how kinda "funny" that last pic is, with the neighborhood watch sign, right next to the kids playing sign..... That's east atlanta!

Anne-Davnes said...

Wonderful wonderful!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

heighlo. said...

AMAZING shots all around. Mary is gorgeous. I enjoyed them all - especially the one with Dan pushing out his belly. photogenic people!

Tommy said...

Brilliant and beautiful, hilarious and heartwarming. I knew when the Mary/Dan/Stacey trifecta came together, there'd be some magic.

Oh, but don't play "Magic". Mary still hates Springsteen.

maryk said...

damn straight!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! These are :)