Sunday, September 7, 2008


If I'm a little slow at responding to calls and emails, it's because all I can think about is how to hook up one of the nifty vacuum attachments to my nose to extract the evil muck that is invading my entire head. If that doesn't work, I'm willing to try leeches, chanting, intravenous chicken soup, voodoo...ANYTHING!

I was really looking forward to taking some maternity shots this afternoon, but had to reschedule. Oh, I'm so bummed about that. However, I do not want to be responsible for passing germs to a lovely pregnant woman and her little girl who was also going to be at the shoot. I know I'm contagious today since my fever won't seem to break. If I tried to photograph anyone today, I may as well offer up a tray of rancid germs while asking, "Would you like some?".

I'm going to go take an "unadvised" amount of medicine and pass out on the couch. I wish all of you a happy and HEALTHY Sunday.


Tommy said...

hope you feel better soon, Stacey. Guessing this knocks you out of the return of Ha Ha Hot Yoga tomorrow, but seems rest is the best thing to tackle something that has knocked you flat!

Be well.

stacey said...

thanks, tommy.

well, i'm already sweating from the if i could just muster the energy to do standing bow...or just standing. you'll have to stretch and sweat a little extra for me. have a great class!

heighlo. said...

Only you could take a still life of the aids of illness and make me envious of how cool you are even when you are not feeling well. I heart that Hello Kitty mug. I heart you too - glad you are on the upswing in the hills of health.

stacey said...

leigh, you're such a sweetie-pie...and that isn't the handful of pills talkin'. it's true.

ablebody said...

get better......


sweetie pie press said...

a) i suck for making you sick.

b) for me, this illness is still in my lungs and keeping me up at night.

c) when i stayed with horgan, he introduced me to something called a neti pot. it's like an aladdin's lamp that you shove up your nose so as to pour salt water over your septum (i surmise). well, i used this crazy device and felt a lot better afterwards. in the name of trying everything, i say you call him and get the details. but be ready for some serious snot ejection.