Thursday, September 25, 2008

synchronicity fund raiser

Recently, I photographed a fund-raising event for Synchronicity Performance Group. It was held at the stunning home of Lane and Clark Howard. For any non-Georgians or any cave-dwelling local folks who may not have heard of Clark Howard, he is a money management/saving guru. You should totally check out his site HERE. I keep browsing it to find tips on how to save money by eating only ice cream. Haven't found that info yet, but my faith is strong.

Here, Clark is greeting some of the guests as they arrive. The event was held this past Saturday when the weather was PERFECT. If you live 'round these parts, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Here are some of the fabulous decorations created by Laura of Faith Flowers. The autumn colors in the arrangements were yummy!

We had to get a shot of Laura posing with her work, along with Lane and Clark. Nice lookin' group of folks, aren't they?

I do get obsessed with reflection shots every now and then. Here's one of Synchronicity's artistic director, Rachel May enjoying a moment with the crowd.

You can take the girl out of the wedding, but you can't take the wedding photographer out of the girl. I had to snap this shot of Lane and Clark stealing a smooch. How cute are they?

During the event, there were several rooms with pieces from upcoming theater productions being performed simultaneously. The guests could pick a room, watch a performance, and then move on to another room. You can't go wrong with a barrage of entertainment!

Here are a few shots from some of the performance pieces. They have some cool work going on.

There is a phrase I will continue to write on my blog, until every reader and their mamma listens to me......"Please support your local theaters and other arts organizations". Thank you, and good night.

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