Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you barter, you brought her

In the past, I have provided my photography services to friends in exchange for some cool non-monetary items. Goodies that have been bartered for images include massages, crafts/artwork, yoga classes, clothing, meals, even trips to Jamaica! Well, now you can add "kisses" to that list. Or at least "kiss". Please keep in mind that there is a VERY small list of individuals who can attempt this method of trade. If I get too creative with swapping work for affection, I might have to change the name of my company to Stacey Bode Photography and Prostitution, Inc.

My hubby Matt needed a quick headshot for a specific audition, so a smooch seemed easier than filling out contracts and receipts. Don't tell the IRS. I'm sure they'd find a way to evaluate the cost of a kiss and tax me on it.


Momy said...

Wekk boy howdt. I'd paint your house for a kiss from that handsome devil.
Wash your car and mop your floor.

Widdi said...

That is an AMAZING headshot!! He must be some kisser!

Momy said...

I meant "howdy"!

Hope Mirlis said...

wait, you barter??!!

stacey said...

momy - you're on!

widdi - yes, and i've even gotten a few extra in tips.

hope - um, please ignore this post. i want cash, cash! nuthin' but cold, hard CASH!

Brian said...

Nice shot... He is lucky to have you as a wife to shoot photos for him.

Joseph Yarrow Weddings said...

Cool blog! and great picture too!

Well done.