Thursday, September 11, 2008

welcome home, jenny sutter

Last night I took photos for the production of "Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter", for Synchronicity Performance Group, which opens this Friday at 7 Stages Theater in Little Five Points. This heart-wrenching play tells the story of a woman on her way home after serving in Iraq, the inner struggles she must face before doing so, and the characters she encounters on that journey who are not without their own personal demons.

Typically, when I take theater shots, it's during a photo call where certain moments in the show are set up specifically to be captured. This time, I shot during an actual run of the play, so I got to see the whole performance while shooting. Certainly a nice bonus for me.

I need to take this advice as much as I give it, so....please go see more local theater, and support as many art forms in your city as possible. I'm so inspired by the creativity and expression of others, and could not imagine life without access to the work of other artists. I will now carefully descend from the step atop my giant soapbox.

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