Tuesday, September 30, 2008

proof that i don't lie

In my last post, I mentioned that all my friends are pregnant with boys. Allow me to present Exhibit 4B, Melanie Walker, due to deliver her new little fella in January.

They thew a swell BBQ in Athens this past weekend to celebrate Melanie's birthday. She's in her final year of law school, and STILL has time to party, look fabulous, and incubate babies. I suddenly feel really lazy.

*All these pics were taken by Matty (except the one of Matty)

This is probably how Melanie and I look about 96% of the time

...yet we are women of 1000 dorky faces.

Wait, I did NOT order a Batman stripper for Melanie's birthday. Oh, thank god, it's just Owen being adorable!

Owen's favorite game right now is to play superhero and rescue people in distress. Hey Batman, I need some gasoline!

Fighting crime for weird ladies is hard work.

Then Batman took off, and Superman showed up! Apparently, Melanie's living room is also the Hall of Justice.

Superman poses with Superdad

We all took turns playing Spider Bat, the ultra villain that Superman has to defeat as webs of fury are thrown about. Spider Bat looks a lot like Cher at the 1986 Academy Awards.

After defeating several versions of Super Bat, Superman flew off to fight more crime (translation..."go to bed").

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