Wednesday, March 5, 2008

before & after - part 1

I always talk to my clients about how all of their images are "digitally enhanced" or "artistically post-processed" or "subtle-ly awesomated". I figured it was about time I explained what the heck that means.

First of all, I have to scream from the mountaintops that it's really important to take a well-exposed, well-composed shot. Otherwise, all the fancy trickery won't get you very far. With that said, there are some very minor tweaks and even some more extreme changes that can be done to take an image to the next level.

In the shot below, I did a little cropping and wanted the bride (the lovely Amanda) and her white dress to really stand out so I added a little omni light just around her.

I used a more "extreme" technique below. First I lightened the image a bit. Then, I decided to blur the background to put the emphasis on just the cake (instead of the dude hangin out in back). This is a technique I would only use occasionally since it's a very "processed" kind of effect.

Here's a pic of good ol' Atlanta. Even though the before and after look really different, all I did was adjust the curves (contrast) and the color since it was a little hazy that night.

Here's an example of subtle editing. All I did was add a little contrast and make the colors pop a bit more.

Here's a shot of gorgeous Kelly that I altered to look more like an "aged" photo. I thought it just helped accentuate the mood of the moment.

So now hopefully folks will have an idea of what I'm talking about when go into my totally geeked-out photo speak.


Widdiwoo said...

This was SOOO cool! When I use Photoshop, my pics just end up looking crappy in a different way : )

Tommy said...

Very cool to see the before and after. Wendy (my wife) takes photos as a hobby and is always experimenting with light, etc. I'll show her these - I know she'll love 'em too.

Great work, Stacey. As always.

Oh, and tell Matty that I saw his freakishly enormous noggin on TV last night (the big head/loan commercial).


stacey said...

thanks, guys! if folks want to see more before/after shots, i might do a monthly post on them. it would be like having my own make-over show!

Vicki said...

Can I tell you again Stacie how much I love and adore your work. The ones with the lights on the highway are so freaking AWESOME!!! I am looking forward to Saturday so much I can not stand it