Monday, March 24, 2008

Kara & Steve

When two cool people plan a cool wedding here's what happens. After I met Kara and Steve, I just had "that feeling". What I felt was that certain spark and excitement when I just click with people and know how incredible the experience of their wedding and getting to know them will be.

They started to describe the fun and relaxed day they were planning. You may be thinking, "yeah can the exasperating task of pulling off a wedding be 'fun' or 'relaxed'...suuuure". Well, just ask Steve and Kara. I knew they meant it, and they did. The wedding was at one of my favorite spots to grab a famous mai tai, Trader Vic's. If you've never been, it's an insanely groovy tiki bar/lounge with Polynesian food, cocktails, and atmosphere. Attire was tropical shirts, flower leis, and big smiles. The reception band was also one of my absolute favorites, Big Mike's group Tongo Hiti (they play every Thursday eve at Trader Vic's, and they're the BEST).

Kara and Steve you are such genuine, caring people. Brides barely have time to talk, eat or breathe at their wedding, yet several times Kara asked if I'd had enough to eat/drink and if I was having a good time. What a sweetie. Oh, and the answer was a big "YES". I had a blast and can't wait to show you the oodles of images from your tropical, fun-filled night!

Incredibly girly note: these shoes are the BOBM! Uber-tiki-awesome!

They had a special brew just for their big day. Right on! Everyone raved about it.

The father-daughter dance gets me sappy every time!

Here I am with the gorgeous Ms. Kara. She looks so classic Hollywood glamour!

For a slideshow of additional images from their tiki-tastic wedding, click HERE


Vicki said...

Stacey, what GREAT wedding pictures. As I told you on Saturday I can not stand the "classic" pictures. These are great and made me smile. I am so excited to see what you do with mine and Lop's shots. Come on April

stacey said...

thanks so much, vicki! i'm really looking forward to our shoot too!

hk|imaging said...

Stacey, these pictures are amazing! Your work is inspirational.


stacey said...

thanks Hassan! i can't wait for us to work together again!